We offer a broad range of techniques to expedite care. An initial visit will consist of examination and treatment. Follow-up visits typically include a quick reassessment and treatment: chiropractic adjustments, therapies, and rehabilitation. Although you may have the same condition as another patient, your treatment will vary. Both doctorshave experienced that not every body is the same; therefore, personalized treatment plans are an integral factor in expediting treatment.

Commonly treated conditions:

Here is a list of our most commonly treated conditions or conditions that have typically responded well to our treatments:

  • headaches (migraine, tension, stress)
  • neck pain/neck spasms
  • temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ disorder)
  • "slipped discs"/Degenerative Disc Disease
  • whiplash/neck sprains or strains
  • (some)rotator cuff tears/shoulder impingement/bursitis
  • golfer's elbow/tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome/peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes
  • thoracic spine (upper/mid back) pain or muscle spasms
  • lumbar (low back) injuries or pain
  • piriformis syndrome
  • sciatic (sciatica) nerve issues
  • various hip and knee dysfunctions
  • iliotibial band (IT Band) syndrome
  • shin splints
  • plantar fasciitis/tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • post-operative pain or weakness
  • fibromyalgia
  • tendintis/bursitis
Short-term goals:
  • decrease pain
  • decrease inflammation
  • increase range of motion
  • address problems with everyday activities
Long-term goals:
  • increase strength, flexibility, and/or range of motion
  • return to a functional task (goal set by patient)
  • weight loss/diet and nutrition change
  • Promote lifestyle modifications to prevent recurrence of injury