At our chiropractic office, we give exercises to help expedite and improve your treatment. The exercises given are dependent on the phase of care you are in. The three phases of care are acute phase, mid phase, and end of care phase. The acute phase is typically between 0% and 35% improvement, the mid phase is typically between 35% and 75% improvement, and the end of care phase is typically when you start feeling more than 75% improved. Rehabilitation is very important to your care because it gives you things you can do at home to enhance what we do in-office.

Acute Care Phase

In the acute phase of treatment, we typically focus on stretches to help get you out of pain. As mentioned before showing you these exercises, if your pain ever starts to return, go back to these fundamental stretches to help prevent recurrence of your injury or complaint. Some of these exercises include: yes-no-maybes, head rolls, lumbar twists, knee to chest, calf stretch, etc.

Mid Care Phase

In this phase, we start to transition to the exercises that will form the foundation for end of care exercises. While in the office, our doctors will assess your ability to perform these exercises. We need a stable foundation to build upon in order to prevent relapse of your pain and symptoms. Some of these exercises include: modified planks, stomach hollowing, chin tucks, modified wall angels, assisted functional door squat, etc.

End of Care Phase

Just as you start approaching the lack of need for my services, we transition you to the last form of exercises and rehab. These are the exercises that are used to solidify the proper movement patterns we had you relearning in the mid care phase. By relearning proper movement patterns, your body is less likely to go back to the old habits and cause re-injury. Some of these exercises include: functional squat, different plank varieties, Bruegger’s position, wall angels, etc.