Prior to treatment, your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination. This is very important from both a patient and practitioner stand point because it allows us to make sure we are able to treat your condition and allows you to be educated on your diagnosis. If you have any other questions or would like to make an appointment, please check out the FAQ’sorcontact us.

Why do I need an examination?

An examination allows our chiropractors to properly diagnose your condition, rule out any visceral complaints (pain arising from the organs) and red flags, and develop a personalized treatment plan that best fits you. Chiropractors are best equipped to treat injuries arising from muscle, joints, or nerve; therefore, an examination will help determine the pain generators.

What if my pain isn’t from muscle, joints, or nerves?

If during the examination, any red flags or tests are positive for anything that is best treated by another healthcare practitioner, we will make the appropriate referral.

What if I think my pain isn’t muscle, joints, or nerves?

It’s best to let someone trained in examination determine that. In addition, sometimes when one doctor calls another, they’re able to squeeze you in faster than you normally can make an appointment. Another bonus is that the other doctor already has an idea of what’s going on, so that will reduce your visit time at the other office.