Why do joints crack when they’re adjusted?

The age old of question of “why do my joints crack/pop when they get adjusted?” is answered with this study! The most popular belief was the theory that tiny gas bubbles are “popped” and the gases are released from the joint. This study demonstrates the reverse! The popping is the rapid development of bubbles inside the joint. Picture a deflated air bag in between each joint. When it is manipulated a certain way, this air bag is rapidly inflated. This makes a lot more sense then “your joints create bubbles that pop when we apply a specific force.” As mentioned by the author, this study supports the other recent study that cracking your knuckles does not cause, and actually helps slightly prevent, arthritis.

So, basically, chiropractors are helping massage the cartilage inside each joint. Although I haven’t found any research to support it, it makes sense why restricted joints are restricted – there’s no “air bag” or extra cushion between the joints.

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